La cravatte du Chien.

Today I want to present you the interview made ​​to Dafni.
She is a nice Greek girl .. but it is especially creative in the shop La cravatte du chien.

1. What's your name? (unless you want to go by your shop name)

My name is Dafni....
and you can find my jewellery at my easy shop:

2. Please tell us a little about your background (brief summary of where you've lived, studied, and worked)

I was born in Athens, Greece. 
I have studied graphic design and illustration, and worked in various companies , mostly as a graphic designer. 
Now I moved to Bahrain and I plan to stay for about a year.

3. When did you become interested in creating art?

Ever since I was born I think. 
I always liked to paint and create things with my hands. 
I took some metal smithing lessons some years ago and since then I think I found the perfect thing for me.

4. How did you learn your techniques?

As I said I took some lessons, where I learned the basics. And from there I experimented a lot with different materials, some worked and some didn't. 
I also look on the web for tutorials and new techniques. It's a big free school!

5. What inspires you? 

I get inspired by everything natural I see around me. Animals, plants, the weather.. 
I also like fairytales and children's books so the fantasy land is also an inspiration for me.

6. Please describe your creative process.

First I make lots and lots of sketches until I'm satisfied with the final design. Then I hand cut the base material, could be plexiglass or wood or metal, and then I put the colors. 

7. What do you find most rewarding in this work?

Creativity is the cure for all illness! 
Whenever I feel down I now there is this thing that makes me feel good and alive. When my items are sold it of course feels even better.

8. What is the best advice you have received?

Believe in your self and never stop doing what makes you happy.

9. What is your best advice to emerging artists? 

Once again… Believe in your self and never stop doing what makes you happy.

10. What would you like buyers to know about you and your artwork?

That every item since is handmade is unique and made with lots of love.

Thank you Dafni for this nice interview that has allowed us to know you better!


Mairi ha detto…
I liked her shop :D beautiful creations! :)
Annuk ha detto…
Geia sou Dafni! :)
How nice to get to know more about you and your great work, of which I've long been an admirer!

Thank you Valeria for this beautiful interview!
zdrop ha detto…
Love Dafni's work!! Amazing creations and so unique!! Thanks for sharing! Nice pic ;)
OrloSubito ha detto…
nice work, I like Dafni's shop and creations!!!!
ivory-moon ha detto…
Dafni's work is so unique and adorable!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful interview girls!